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Aged 18-35 and looking for the adventure of a lifetime? Jump aboard with Vodkatrain and discover the Trans Siberian Railway, Silk Road and India at local level. Enjoy a truly unique experience as you explore Russia, Mongolia, China, India, and the Silk Road, forming new friendships with travellers and locals alike!

Vodkatrain is your support network - providing accommodation, transport, transfers en-route and local Honchos to help you get the most out of the fascinating destinations you visit. Vodkatrain is all about freedom and flexibility so you can decide what you want to see, eat and experience on your journey, paying local prices along the way.

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Trans Mongolian and Siberian Railways

Travelling from China or Russia into Mongolia along the Trans Mongolian and Trans Siberian Railways is without a doubt one of the most epic overland journeys of all time!

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Silk Road and Central Asia

Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane and Marco Polo; just who are these guys? They were a few of the legendary marauders and travellers who shared an obsession for the fabled destinations and abundant riches of the ancient Silk Road.

Discover a warm welcome and the generous hospitality of the people in this region as you travel from Istanbul to London (or vice versa) on Vodkatrain's new journey The Marco Polo.

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India is amazing. But it can also be quite a shock to the system! Here is your solution; a fantastic itinerary taking in a diverse range of experiences and seeing the very best of India. With a variety of options available you can see as much as your time will allow on Vodkatrain's The Holy Cow journey.

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