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Adventures across Asia Overland and Beyond

Experience the Trans Siberian Railway, Mongolia, the Silk Road and the Caucasus at ground level with Vodkatrain. Our small group journeys and other adventures are a great combination of independent backpacking and small group travel at affordable do-it-yourself prices.

Do as the locals do, experience the country the way it really is. Whether it’s spending time in a Ger Camp in Mongolia or using camels as transport in Uzbekistan, our journeys have been carefully constructed to give you an authentic and life changing experience.

Aged 18-35 and looking for the adventure of a lifetime? Jump aboard with Vodkatrain and discover the Trans Siberian Railway and the Silk Road at local level.

Vodkatrain is your support network - providing accommodation, transport, transfers en-route and local Honchos to help you get the most out of the fascinating destinations you visit. Vodkatrain is all about freedom and flexibility so you can decide what you want to see, eat and experience on your journey, paying local prices along the way.

Traveller Reviews

"...Doing it through Vodkatrain we had everything organised for us so the stress and hassle was taken out of it. Along the way we were met by a honcho in each city. A local person showing us around made a world of difference. In St Pete's we were taken out each night to cool little restaurants and bars that we would never of found on our own. .." - Beth Murnane - The Vodkatrain

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Trying to piece together the itinerary of a lifetime or just arm chair travelling? Check out some unique festivals and events to match with your itinerary to make your journey that extra bit special!

Discover the world through the eyes of our resident Vlogger India Parish on Vimeo.

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