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Christine Jia

Finance and Administration Support

Christine was graduated from her Commerce degree a few years ago and has been working in the accounting and finance filed since then before she joined Sundowners. Her passion for travelling is just as much as for “numbers” and “figures”. 

Which Sundowners Overland journeys are on your wish list? Her next desired journey will be the overland travel from Beijing to Moscow. It will be so exciting and memorable! At the same time, Christine is very proud of being part of Sundowners’ team and also enjoying working in the travel industry as she believes that travel is always a pleasant and cheerful thing in life, and it brings happiness too. Favourite travel quote? “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine Where have you travelled in the world? For the past a few years she regularly travelled to China and South Korea to visit families and friends. The trip she made to Italy and Switzerland at the end of 2010 had totally lighted up her interest in travelling.

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The Genghis Khan

Saddle up and ride the lands of Genghis Khan, discover Moscow's uber cool hangouts and have your senses bombarded in Beijing. Get ready for an epic jam-packed and vodka infused more...