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Hear it from the travellers mouth! Here are some words from previous Vodkatrain travellers about their experiences from on the road.

" I recently did the Vodkatrain trip from St Petersburg to Beijing with a friend and we both absolutely loved it! We opted for the March departure so we could experience Siberia in the cold. And cold it was! It didn't stop us from doing anything though, and the trains were so toasty and warm! Travelling through these areas is difficult, with little English spoken or written it would be near impossible to do as a solo traveler. Doing it through Vodkatrain we had everything organised for us so the stress and hassle was taken out of it. Along the way we were met by a honcho in each city. A local person showing us around made a world of difference. In St Pete's we were taken out each night to cool little restaurants and bars that we would never of found on our own. In Moscow we were shown around the city on foot, seeing so much more than we'd be able to with only a map in hand. In Mongolia out honcho 'Odka' was brilliant! Such a fun, lively girl who took so much pride in showing us her city and countryside. She was fantastic and made Mongolia one of the biggest highlight for being so great! The trains themselves were always a fun experience. Meeting and talking to locals was a real highlight. With us speaking no Russian and them no English initial conversation was done through Google Translator, hand signals and laughter. Soon enough though we found ourselves drinking, laughing and playing cards with our new friends. Suddenly the four days on the train flew by... Travelling this was was also great as we had other like minded people with us to share in the experience. All in all our Vodkatrain experience was fantastic! And I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to experience this amazing area of the world. "

Beth Murnane - The Vodkatrain (St. Petersburg to Beijing) 

"I went on the Ruski Huski in February and had the best time ever! It was a bit outside my comfort zone to get spanked in a traditional Russian sauna, drinking fermented horsemilk in Mongolia and eating all kinds of bugs and stuff in China, but it for sure has been a trip of a lifetime! "

Jørn Bjørn Augestad - The Ruski Huski 

" I loved, loved, loved this tour! I was nervous about travelling through these countries as a solo female traveller so decided to travel with Vodkatrain to experience these amazing cultures. The tour exceeded my expectation and each honcho took great care of us. I don't generally like guided tours but there was plenty 'time off' for you to do your own thing, you didn't have to join the group for the day if you didn't want to and where we ate our meals was always up for discussion, we weren't herded to the nearest tourist trap. I highly recommend travelling with vodkatrain."

India P - The Marco Polo


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