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All about Vodkatrain

VODKATRAIN – Experience the Trans Mongolian Railway and the Silk Road across Russia, Mongolia, China, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan and India at ground level, travelling with the locals, experiencing the cities with a local Honcho, eating out and getting around at local prices.

Vodkatrain takes the traditional ideas of group travel (regimented meal times, enforced sightseeing and following strange people holding umbrellas aloft) and gives them a hearty kick up the backside. We prefer to think of it as a collection of young (we run the classic 18-35 age bracket), like-minded individuals who happen to be following the same itinerary. We hope you'll enjoy the company of your fellow travellers, but we make no guarantees!

Vodkatrain sets itself apart from others because there is no 'Tour Leader' or 'Road Crew' to lead the way, but a local
Honcho at each city stop. With no set activities you can choose to do your own thing, or hang out with the Honcho and do the group thing. They don't take you to their cousin's brother's uncle's carpet shop, just the places you ask to see or the ones they'd love to show you.

En-route you simply travel on
trains between cities as any local or foreign traveller would, and meet a new Honcho at each city stop. You have the benefit of being with a small group (max 15) but none of the restrictions that a tour, with its fixed daytime schedule, might bring, and none of the hassles of making hotel and sightseeing/activity arrangements. It's a nifty combination of backpacking and small group travel at budget do-it-yourself prices, with some priceless info from our local legends thrown in!

Vodkatrain is your support network - providing
accommodation, transport, transfers en-route and local Honchos to help you get the most out of your stay. You decide what you want to see, you decide what you want to eat, you decide what you want to experience and you pay the much cheaper local price for everything you do. Whatever your destination it's an unforgettable hassle free journey, with company (and a company) you can have fun with.

• Overland journeys for young travellers
• Like-minded travellers from across the globe in small groups
• Honchos - a friendly face in each city
• Accommodation
• Comfortable 4-berth rail compartments
• Transfers - to and from the train station while your journey is underway! Your Honcho there to greet you and transport you to the accommodation
• Full Visa Support
• Assistance getting your Russian visa registered
• No single supplements
• Freedom and flexibility to do what you want in each city
• Pay local prices for food, sightseeing and entertainment

• Regimented meal times
• Enforced sightseeing
• Big groups, on and off buses following flags, umbrellas and all sorts of paraphernalia!
• Travelling alone, paying double the price (single supplements)
• Getting ripped off by the local taxi mafia
• Foreign “Tour Leaders” who know about as much as you about each city!
• National leaders – you don’t want someone from Melbourne showing you around Sydney
• Getting your Russian invitation over the internet only to find they can’t help with any other information and to get your visa registered you must go to your friendly Russian police station and explain that you don’t have a tour voucher and can’t check in to your hotel – that or pay astronomical fees for registration
• Guides working for commissions and kick backs
• Restaurant recommendations based on whether or not the Tour Leader gets a free meal – “my mate owns this great restaurant and if I take you all there I get $20!” No thanks…
• The souvenir shop city tour