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The Vodkatrain

Departing: St Petersburg, Russia - 21 days
Countries visited: Russia, Mongolia & China

No it's not all Vodka and Babushkas! This is a legendary journey riding the rails through fascinating cultures and diverse landscapes along the Trans Siberian and Trans Mongolian Railways, visiting incredible cities along the way! From Russia's "Venice of the North" through to electrifying Beijing. You'll stay with the nomads in Mongolia and party in quirky Ulaanbaatar. Enjoy a dip in Lake Baikal after a few nights on the train and absorb fascinating history in Moscow or while strolling along the Great Wall.




Day 1 - Arrive in St.Petersburg. Meet your group and Honcho. 
Day 2 - St.Petersburg - Have a coffee at the famous bookstore on Nevsky Prospect before watching the bridges rise at night.
Day 3 - St.Petersburg and overnight train to Moscow.
Day 4 - Arrive in Moscow - Discover the colourful architecture of Red Square.
Day 5 - Moscow - Travel the metro, take a boat ride, or pack a picnic and spend some time in Gorky Park.
Day 6 - Final morning in Moscow and an afternoon departure for Irkutsk.
Days 7-9 - Trans Siberian Railway - Head down to the dining car and practice your Russian!
Day 10 -  Morning arrival in Irkutsk and head out to Lake Baikal.
Day 11 - Lake Baikal - Deep, fresh and worth a dip! Soak in the scenery and enjoy a hike along its beautiful shores. 
Day 12 - Return to Irkutsk and depart for Ulaanbaatar in the evening.
Day 13 - Trans Mongolian Railway - Watch the traders at the border and catch a glimpse of your first yak in Mongolia.
Day 14 - Early morning arrival into Ulaanbaatar - The homeland of Genghis Khan, so famous even the beer's named after him! 
Day 15 - To Terelj National Park and ger camp - Settle into life as a nomad. 
Day 16 - More time in the countryside - Explore the Aryabal Temple.
Day 17 - A final morning in the Mongolian wilderness before returning to Ulaanbaatar. 
Day 18 - Morning departure for Beijing - Back on the train through the Gobi desert and across our final border into China.
Day 19 - Midday arrival into Beijing - Check out the hutongs, markets or Tiananmen Square. 
Day 20 - Beijing - Peking Duck anyone?
Day 21 - Finish in Beijing- Your epic journey is complete!  



Visa support for pre-booked services

Services of Vodkatrain Honchos in St.Petersburg, Moscow, Irkutsk, Ulaanbaatar, Terelj National Park and Beijing.

Accommodation on a share basis (twin/triple or dorm rooms, private facilities not guaranteed)

Accommodation in traditional gers in Mongolia

4-berth train tickets St.Petersburg - Moscow - Irkutsk - Ulaanbaatar - Beijing

All departure and arrival transfers en-route. Please note: Arrival transfer on Day 1 and departure transfer at the end of your itinerary are not included. Please see the ‘Extra Stuff’ section for details on booking these services.

Extra stuff

Linger a little longer. Pre and Post tour accommodation including visa support… stay as long as you like.

Get me to the airport on time. Take the hassle out of arriving and departing… splurge on a transfer.

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