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Russia: Daily expenses

How much money will you need for daily expenses in Russia?

The answer depends on how you like to travel, some days you may eat from street stalls and walk to the sights in the city centre, other days you may eat like a king at a top restaurant and take a taxi to a downtown cocktail bar. Given the choices on offer, the costs associated can vary.

The average daily cost for sightseeing, transport, food and entertainment is ₽1,534 Roubles, which is around $26 US dollars at the time of writing this article.

Credit and debit cards are accepted and there are ATMs everywhere.

It is customary to tip 10% in restaurants and cafes if the service is good.

See the table below for itemised costs.

Bottle of water571
Loaf of bread300.50
Bottle of good quality wine63911
Cafe/street stall200-5003.50-8.50
Restaurant mid-high level500-2000+8.50-35+
Bus/metro ride500.85
Taxi ride in the city3005
Ballet tickets350060