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Make your own adventure

Getting started

  1. Choose your kick-off point
  2. Plan your route
  3. Decide on nights/duration
  4. Select services: Honchos, station, transfers, flights and insurance
  5. Book by calling our friendly travel advisors
  6. Prepare for adventure

Our travel-savvy crew are well versed in journeys off the beaten track. If you want to create your own adventure across Asia, including countries such as Russia, Mongolia, China, the 'Stans of Central Asia, Iran, Japan, Vietnam and the Caucasus countries of Europe then this guide is for you. 

Get crafty and create your own journey

You might want to begin with a little inspiration from our iconic routes, like The Vodkatrain journey on the Trans Siberian Railway or The Marco Polo across Central Asia's Silk Road. Then make some key decisions on where you want to go, how long you’re going for and who you’re going with, and we can cook up the perfect journey.

Previous adventurers have tweaked our small group tours, extending them at either end or adding more time for epic excursions. Others have started from scratch. We’ve planned hikes through the untouched wilderness of Kazakhstan, horse treks over the Mongolian steppe, Trans Siberians that end in Tokyo, and an epic Trans Mongolian that began in London and finished up in Ho Chi Minh - less Trans Mongolian, more Trans Global! We know these regions better than our local burbs so we can help you find what you love on roads far from home.

The only limit is your imagination (and possibly your budget), so plan your hit list and let's get started.

Travelling in a group?

Each year we cater to mates, teams and squads that wish to experience a small group journey together. If you’re travelling as a group of six or more then we can make the journey exclusive for you and your friends. Flexible departure dates and tailored itineraries are possible.

Previous private group journeys have included photography students that tailored The Cossack with more time in Mongolia to document nomadic peoples, and a football club that tailored The Vodkatrain to coincide with catching a few games at the FIFA World cup.

Talk to us about your group’s interests and we’ll help you plan an unforgettable adventure.

A few things to know

• Make Your Own Adventure is open to all ages so you can even take your ma.

• Honchos are available to meet you along the way; these are local legends that live in the city you're exploring. Just decide when and where you want 'em, and they’ll be there to show you around local-style.