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Why Vodkatrain

How you travel

Vodkatrain journeys take you overland, getting you up close and personal with locals by travelling as they do – on public trains and buses.

Whether you’re planning on rolling along the Trans Siberian Railway or tracing the steps of ancient traders on the Silk Road, you’ll come face to face with life beyond the tourist trail.

Sit back and relax as you journey through incredible countries and discover the heartbeat of civilisations. Trains and buses are basic but comfortable and offer a window into real life. Most locals won’t be going the same distance as you, so you’ll meet a marvellous mix along the way. People-watch your heart out; you’ll cherish these ‘ordinary’ moments forever.

Don’t be afraid to say hello to fellow travellers. Mingle with the club kids of St. Petersburg, practice mindfulness with the Buddhist monks of Mongolia, and toast to good health with Georgian winemakers… all before you hop off anywhere.

Gaze at vistas from vast deserts and vibrant cities. Devour homecooked delights at platforms and road stops along the way. And be sure to give your spirit of adventure a breather before you reach your next destination.

Other transport may include boat, jeep and metro, as well as the odd camel, yak, horse and husky.