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Why Vodkatrain

Where you stay

Imagine a night glamping nomadic style in the Mongolian wilderness, relaxing in a wooden chalet lakeside in Siberia, or bonding with fellow travellers in the hippest hostels in Moscow and St Petersburg.

We’ve handpicked a selection of wicked spaces and places to enhance your experience. And the best part, it’s all included in the cost of your journey.

Remember we said, Vodkatrain journeys are just as important as the destination? Well, no Trans Siberian adventure would be complete without a few nights staying on board. You’ll settle into life on the rails, become friends with fellow travellers and be made to feel at home by the friendly attendants.

Sleeping compartments are usually four-share with two upper and two lower bunks –depending on group size you could be sharing with fellow Vodkatrainers or other travellers along the way. You’ll find clean bedding, reading lights, a big window, a small table and enough room for a rucksack or two, perfect for when you need a moment’s rest.

The dining carriage is the place to be. Interact with locals, grab a cup of tea (or something stronger) and soak up the sights as you span Siberia or the vast expanses of the Gobi Desert. All carriages have boiling water, attendants and washrooms sans showers – that’s a luxury to look forward to once you disembark.

Please note, The Siberian Shuttle and The Budgeting Bolshevik journeys are just that – budget-friendly journeys. The four-berth cabins are exchanged for multi-share compartments that resemble a hostel dorm. Past Vodkatrainers tell us, the camaraderie on board is like a Glastonbury gathering and remains among their fondest memories.

Other accommodation may include ger camps in Mongolia. These are traditional nomadic homes that are sure to become one of your journey highlights. They tend to be multi-share and mixed-gender so grab your new besties and enjoy the nomadic vibes together.

Hostels, hotels and guesthouses are clean, close to transport and provide legendary hospitality. We’ll do our best to pair couples, but it can’t be guaranteed, sometimes you’ll be sharing with fellow Vodkatrainers of the same gender.

Vodkatrain doesn’t charge a single supplement – it’s not a crime to travel solo. Sometimes you’ll share with fellow Vodkatrainers and other times you’ll have your own room at no extra cost. Happy days.